Sunday, 6 February 2011


  We each have about 120,000 hairs on our heads. Blonds tend to have more, while redheads have the least amount. We all loose approximately 100 hairs naturally every day. We have noticed that during the change of seasons hair tends to fall out more, similar to the malting patterns of our pets( similar I said...not calling anyone bitches although I have met a few over the years:)
   Each hair is made up of overlapping layers of keratin.When the cuticles lie flat and smooth, each strand reflects the light, making it shine.  When the cuticles are damaged, no light is reflected and your hair is left looking dull and lifeless. Even though today's hair treatments and deep conditioners do help a lot, nothing is as effective at making your hair shine from the inside as a healthy well balanced diet.
 It always cracks me up when clients ask to cut the dead ends of because all our hair is technically dead, with no blood, nerves or muscles. Thank god otherwise having a cut would be a surgical procedure.

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