Monday, 21 March 2011

Top 5 looks for Summer


The beachy look is number 1 on our list for summer hair musts, and can either be played down for a day look or with more volume for the evening. Highlights recommends using a curling wand  to make styling easy. Mist dry hair with a texturizing formula like L'Oreals Volume Architect then wrap two-inch sections around the hot rod; curl strands only from the ears down. When you've finished, run your fingers through your hair and spritz it with shine spray.

The Side Braid

This style looks best when you dont make to much effort. Pull back wavy hair and shift it over to one side of your neck, letting the shorter pieces fall free. Begin braiding at the nape, then tie it. Wrap a small section of hair from the ends over the cord to hide it; use a small bobby pin to fasten.

The Flip Out

Let the Betty Draper inside you break out with this modern day interpretation if the 50's flip. Roller set your hair with large heated rollers, when they are cool remove them and tease the roots and brush out the curls till they flip out at the end. Clip the top backwards and spry generously L'Oreal Infimium Hairspray with and voila.

The Blunt Cut

Blunt hairstyles are are the perfect way to update your look. Ask your stylist to cut your hair blunt at the shoulders and  strong bangs. The style is also slightly layered on the sides to create a wispy look. 

Sleek and Straight

At highlights we love how polished this style looks,  grab a flatiron ( preferably GHD ) and run it over two-inch sections. Create a clean side part with a comb, then spritz hair spray over your roots. Twist the hair behind one ear and secure it with a small bobby pin.

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