Friday, 1 April 2011

Katy Perry

 With her latest single E.T #1 on the billboard chart, Katy Perry has really flourished into a style icon since the days she kissed girls. The clip for E.T, like its title suggests has an alienesque theme, also popular with Lady Gaga. While the looks is not something you would want to wear, it is stunning to look at.

She is one of the most beautiful artists of our time, with he trademark dark hair reminiscent of classic 50's pin up girls. A look that is timeless and glamorous. Over the years we have seen different variations of lengths and styles, but never to much of a change in color which is why her hair has remained shiny and healthy. Katy uses clip in extensions, or wigs to achieve contrasting colors like purple to her dark base.
from Firework
Grammy's 2011

California Gurls

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