Friday, 20 May 2011

Medival Madness

The Game of Thrones ( officially my favorite show 3) on Yes VOD is a TV adaption of George R.R. Martin's books, a Song of Ice and Fire. It is difficult to translate books into movies or TV shows, however the producers captured the essence of the Story. The characters, cast, scenery and costumes all look incredible,Down to the styling of the Hair. The pilot episode was an amazing achievement, ranking one of the most expensive pilots made to date, as well as signing the following day to start production on the second season. There are two characters in particular that I personally think will bring 'medieval chic' hairstyles into fashion. Cersei-Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms has the most beautiful long honey colored locks.( Even if it is a wig)
 Medieval hairstyles were a display of wealth, and high status females normally wore their hair long and curly. Medieval hair styles are still fairly popular in this day and age for weddings and other special events. The Long waves were created using a hair waving machine, rather then a regular curling iron.
The medieval era was one of great religious beliefs and witchcraft. Because of this, it heavily reflected on the styles worn by women and even men back in those days. Braids were hugely popular and were often worn in the back of the head, similar to the other so called queen, Daenerys, Married to the leader of a Dothraki.

If you haven't seen the show I highly recommend checking it out!

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