Monday, 27 June 2011

Everything you need for your Summer Vacation!

hSummer is here! While everyone is concerned about what to wear to be trendy yet comfortable on there beach holiday get away, hair is often given the back seat. What people often forget is that your hair is the first thing people see. So even if your dressed to impress in the latest summer styles, if your hair is a mess it will ruin your entire look.  First things first! Take your Hairdryer!!!! I always contemplate taking one, and at the last minute I decide not to as there are hair dryers in the hotel rooms. Big mistake, those things are so slow and useless that they barely even dry my hair, let alone make it straight! So take yours with you, its worth the extra couple of kilos! If you cant be bothered to take one, at least take your precious GHD. Perfect for any occasion whether you want to have stick straight or wavy hair it will be your savior! with the basics out the way I have come up with a list of items to help you breeze through your styling time.

  1) Hair bands
  2)Bobby Pins
  3) Hairspray
  4)Solar Sublime Shampoo and mask- protection form sun salt and chlorine.
  5) blowdry brushes- take your favourite
  6) Liss control - protection form humidity

With all of the basics out the way, the only other thing that you really need for the ultimate summer hair is a curling cream from L'Oreal Proffesional called spiral splendour. It's extremely nourishing and leaves the hair soft and shiny even after you rinse.
With your hair kit ready, have a fantastic vacation, with out the worries of your hair ever looking blaaaa. For summer hairstyle ideas check previous posts in the hair trends section of my blog. Bon voyage!!!

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