Saturday, 9 June 2012

What we do : What they do

At Highlights we are lucky to have such an interesting and influential clientele base. I have decide to create a post once a month consisting of a professional and original  hair technique created by our team and combine it with a sneak peak of the life behind the client who wears it.

What We do:-
I will never forget the first time I spoke to Lucy on the telephone. She had been from salon to salon in Israel and was unable to find a hairdresser that understood her. From years of bleaching, her hair was delicate and over processed, and in desperate need of a little TLC. After the first consultation we knew we had to come up with an innovative bleaching technique to keep the lightness that Lucy was looking for, while keeping her hair in good condition. After brainstorming for quite some time we came up with a brilliant idea which enabled us to give Lucy exactly what she was looking for. The technique requires you to apply a deep conditioner on all the pre-bleached hair, and enclose it in tin foil leaving the natural roots protruding outside. Using Blondie's Oil Bleach from L'Oreal Professional  we color the roots. After that we apply a toner. Today Lucy's hair is light, and much healthier then ever before. For more information contact Highlights Hair Salon.

What she does:-
Lucy Fensom, who founded Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land in 2001, lives and works at the Safe Haven sanctuary in Israel along with her husband, Adi and young son, Robert. Lucy and Adi organize the teams who work at the sanctuary, with the mobile treatment unit and the team of vets who attend the sanctuary, go out with the mobile unit and attend the permanent clinic in Palestinian Territories each week. In May 2002, Lucy was awarded the International Fund for Animal Welfare's "Animal Action Abroad" award for her services, which in conjunction with The Sunday People newspaper, saw Lucy receiving her award at a special presentation at The House of Commons in London. After Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra became their Royal Patron, Lucy received an invitation to The Queens Jubilee Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

" May 29th arrived and the time came to embark upon a once in a lifetime experience - I actually felt very nervous, mainly about how to curtsy, who to curtsy to and when, not to mention what i should say IF I was spoken to! Amazing though, once I arrived all my nerves were dispersed because I felt so in awe to be there. Walking through Buckingham Palace was so surreal. It was like being in the country side, but smack bang in the middle of London.

 " When the Royal Family Made their entrance I suddenly found my self getting quite tearful when I saw the Queen. Kate Middleton was just as exquisite in real life as she is in the pages of glossy magazines. All in all it was truly an awesome day. Looking back it all seems as if i was in a fairytale to have been on the inside of those famous Buckingham Palace gates, as apposed being on the outside looking in. I feel immense gratitude at having been given such a fantastic opportunity!"


  1. Wow!!! that was one great prize you got there. I was wondering what it felt like to come face to face with the queen? :) And you 3 lovely women are picture perfect.Not all Beauty Salons are alike.

    1. Thanks very much for the comment Janine. My clients said she was extremly tearful when the Queen, and the rest of the Royal Family walked past. Her main concern was how to curtsy!