Monday, 7 January 2013


Hey peeps, sorry I have been so distant over the past few months! Its been super busy in the salon and I have been neglecting my blog :( But with the new year comes new resolutions, and I promise to keep you updated on all the latest hair trends for 2013!)

 First up for 2013 is "Sombre". Created by Kim Vo and the Schwarzkopf team, Sombre combines the entire flavor of the ombre technique ( pioneered by Drew Barrymore), without the strong contrasts. It is the perfect technique for clients who are looking for the next big trend or would like to evolve from the basic ombre to a new, inspired look! The lighter ends fade gradually into the root so there’s no harsh line when the hair grows out. It’s a gradual progression from dark to light, making the color appear seamless and giving your hair a sun kissed look. Ideally I prefer to do this on virgin ( non colored ) hair, but colored hair is also suitable.  Book your appointment now!


  1. Looks great!! I think I will do it for my next appointment!

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