Sunday, 17 July 2011

CHI Silk Infusion

Generally we are huge fans of Biosilk's Silk therapy. The smell is amazing, and the product really helps to reduce volume and make the hair soft and silky. With our latest order of biosilk the company that imports the product to Israel sent us samples of Chi's version called Silk Infusion The serum is AMAZING!!!!!! Today we had a number of clients with dry, rebellious, frizzy hair and the silk infusion helped to tame the hair and add amazing shine and bounce, as well as cutting the blow dry time in half. In the past 6 years since the salon has been open we have not raved about a product as much as we did today!! Well done Farouk!!


  1. It's good to have hair care products that can maintain a colour treated hair. I think this one will be a good item to use.

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  2. Not sure if it's a colour protector:) I am sure the sun in Australia is just as bad as it is here, we have found that the solar sublime range from loreal helps protect the colour from sea, sun and chlorine the best !

  3. As a day spa Adelaide expert volumizing products are a Godsend for those with fine hair. However, if you got coarse hair, skip this product and buy the balm, which will calm down those frizzies we straight-haired girls would love to have to battle every now & then.