Monday, 22 August 2011

5 More Handy Tips

Get Rid of Green Hair with Tomato Juice

Public pools are generally over chlorinated which tend to leave your blond locks with a greenish tinge. Massage a can of natural tomato juice into your hair as if you’re lathering shampoo, the red pigments in the tomato juice will warm up any ashy or green effects returning your hair to a beautiful blond.

Irritated scalp after colour? 

After some colour procedures your scalp and hair line can be left sensitive, and red. Mix one packet of Sucrazit, or Sweet 'n' Low  into your hair-coloring solution before you apply it to prevent irritating your skin, the acid in the sugar substitute helps to balance the ph level of your colour. Who said beauty = pain.

Exfoliate your scalp to clear the dandruff

In previous post we recommended to use vinegar to help clear away dandruff. While the technique works like a charm, some clients complained that the smell of the vinegar was unpleasant. We discovered that crushing headache pills into the shampoo before you wash works just as well, and without the pungent smell. The crushed up pills work like an exfoliator in your shampoo and help lift away the dead skin the same way as it work on your face and skin.

At Home Gelatin Treatment

Create a protein treatment at home by dissolving a packet of clear gelatin in hot water. Apply the mixture generously to the ends of your hair and leave it on for 15-30 minutes. You will notice how much healthier your hair feels.

Brighten up Red Hair with Cranberry Juice

If your rocking red hair like Rihanna you might have noticed the the colour fades fast! Red dyes have the largest color molecules, which is why they wash out quickly. Cranberry juice can make red hair look temporarily more vibrant if you need a quick boost. Pour it onto hair and let sit for five minutes (or longer for a more dramatic effect), then rinse.

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