Saturday, 13 August 2011

Big Spenders

Celebrities are renowned for spending astronomical amounts of money on their appearance to be picture perfect. From breakthrough cosmetic treatments to high end fashion, our idols are the pioneers in world wide trends. But how much do they spend on their hair?


Queen B reportedly has a climate controlled room where she stores her wig collection valued at over $1,000,000 dollars. Some of her wigs are valued at over $10 000 dollars on there own as each is hand crafted from the highest quality of natural hair available! What is nice to hear though is that Beyonce donates  her hair pieces to a charity that provides wigs to women undergoing chemotherapy.   


Rihanna travels with Ursula Stephen, her $3,300-a-day hairstylist, and trusts only her to do her ‘do. That’s over $15 000 a week! Maybe if Rihanna didn’t change her hairstyle once a week, she wouldn’t be blowing through all that money.

Jennifer Aniston

While traveling around Europe for  red carpet events Jennifer spent $50 000 in one week on her stylist  Chris McMillan.

Justin Bieber

Justin pays his 'House call only' stylist Vanessa Price $750 dollars to cut his hair. At least he made his money back after he chopped off his swoop style, he auctioned off his trimmings for a charity organization and managed to raise $41 000 dollars!

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  1. marion saunders luvs justin bieber 2k11 xxx21 November 2011 at 07:47

    why did youi get your hair cut i loved it the way it was xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love u justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx