Friday, 6 July 2012

Hair Tip : How to get glossy hair

In a previous post I wrote about the benefits omega 3 for your hair. Salmon is usually everyone's go to fish when they want to maximize their omega 3 intake, but it might not be as beneficial as you think. Most salmon purchased in supermarkets today are farmed. While they still have a decent amount of fatty acids, its no where near the amount found in a wild salmon. Why eat something grown in a farm when there is a delicious, plentiful and inexpensive substitute  : Sardines. The Guyanese people of South America claim that eating sardines will make your hair grow faster and enhance its radiance. If you can't find fresh ones, canned sardines are just as good.

 Singer Leona Lewis is of  Guyanese decent, and if her tresses are anything thing to go by I am sure sardines will definitely be on your menu from now on.

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