Sunday, 8 July 2012

Is chlorine or sea salt damaging your hair??

Its that time of year again when we’re all hitting the pools and beaches. While that is great, this is the time when we begin receiving calls from customers complaining about and increase in hair loss and damage. Invariably, spending a lot of time in the pool and in the sun tends to be the problem.

For normal hair, constant exposure to chlorine strips the oils, damages the follicle shaft, and fades the hair’s coloring. It goes without saying, that chlorine has the same effect as bleaching your – in fact, it is bleach. So the hue, tint and color will begin to fade and the protein bond structure of the follicle shaft will become weakened – leading to excessive split-ends, frizz and very poor manageability.

For color treated or chemically treated hair, the problem is worse. Chemical treatments typically breakdown the protein bonds rebuilding them into the shape or style you want (think perms, straightening, or relaxing). The bonds have already been weakened and if this is coupled with coloring, chlorine will accelerate damage.
Our recommendation is you try to avoid sun exposure (or wear a hat), use a moisturizing products such as Solar Sublime from L'Oreal Professional. The Shampoo in this range helps to clean the hair and get rid of any chlorine/salt deposits after your trip to the pool or the beach. The second stage in the Solar sublime treatment is a deep conditioner. The After-Sun deep conditioner smells just like fresh peaches, but it's not overpowering. It's just delicious. It's super moisturizing and makes your hair really soft and adds a lot of shine.  Another idea is to avoid chemical treatments as you go into the summer. With a little bit of a tan, few will notice unless you need to cover-up some gray.

Call our Salon to make sure we have it in stock before you come and visit as it fly's off the shelf in summer!


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