Monday, 31 January 2011

Screen Actors Guild Awards - January 30, 2011

 We saw alot of beautiful upstyles at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011. Here are a few of the stars that shone a little brighter then the rest:)

Dianna Agron

Eva Longoria

January Jones

Jennifer Lawrence

Natalie Portman

Tina Fey

Saturday, 29 January 2011

L'Oreal Color Bar at Highlights Tel Aviv

Hair color is a great way to put a unique stamp on yourself and help express who you are. Whether its to hide those gray hairs or add a little spice to update your look we have all had go at it. Some prefer the natural look while others just want to know if " blonds really do have more fun". Either way I recommend consulting with a professional before taking the leap to drastic change because most of the time the change you want might not be suitable for you.Our color bar is stocked with the L'Oreal Professional full color range with unlimited hues from rinse colors to the latest oil based INOA colors.

While giving color consultations to first time clients I have to ask questions to help establish which type of color is most suitable to each individual. How often do you color your hair? How light or dark do you plan to go?  Do you change your color on a regular basis? What products do you use in your home hair regime? To Help you with your options i have listed the type of colors we use in the salon to help you save time and to be 100% sure you know what you want.


This color range is Ideal for people who are after a very low maintenance color option. RICHESSE which is ammonia free, and has an extremely low percentage of peroxide enhances your natural color with shine and warmth without changing your natural base color to much, so the regrowth is very minimal.


Lou Color is a permanent color achieved in 20 minutes. Its patented Nutri shine technology creates a fresh translucent multi dimensional color infused with grape seed extracts.

Majirel is L'Oreals first color line released over 100 years ago. In time the core line has increased to over 120 shades. In recent years the Incell patent with helps protect the cuticle of the hair, and Ionène G™ trademark helps to protect the hair from the core to the surface. 


L'Oreal Professional Color Supreme is an anti-ageing hair color for people with more then 70% of gray hair. The results are multi-tonal natural looking colors and the benefits are improving the density of the hair.


Majiblond Ultra now reveals the largest and most creative blond palette on the market with 12 shades; 8 cool shades and 4 warm shades.Contains Ionène G™ and Incell, the star ingredients from the Majirel range, to treat the entirety of the hair fibre and leave it beautifully soft and conditioned.

 L'Oreal has two varieties of highlighting bleach. An ammonia free bleach for lighter hair, and a stronger one for people with extremely dark hair. The new particle captor system contained in platinum plus stops pollutants from inhibiting the lightening process, allowing optimal results and minimal breakage depending on your current hair condition.


INOA is the latest range of color to join the L'Oreal family. It is to date the most advanced, hypoallergenic range to date with its Oil Based system leaving the hair feeling soft healthy and minimal fading.  

With a broader knowledge on the availability of color  and benefits of using a specific range we are inviting you for a free consultation to fulfill your color dreams.