Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hurry while stocks last

With Passover around the corner, L'Oreal Professional is offering a package of a shampoo and mask available at Highlights for  NIS 199 instead of NIS 300! Hurry because they are flying off the shelves!

Friday, 25 March 2011


 Ombre hair color  has emerged as one of the most popular trends for the celebrities in 2011.   What is this messy yet sexy look? Ombre hair is accomplished by creating a dark root and then extending downward to a lighter tip. This looks was also spotted towards the end of 2010, but has really picked up since with people going for more contrasting colors.It has many people questioning whether these ladies became too lazy for a touch-up, or if they’re doing it on purpose. Well it is definitely done on purpose and in for the year (for now at least). It is hip, easy, unique, and more importantly can be derived from any hair color. So let those roots keep growing ladies!  Here are a few celebrities who became Ombre savvy:
Drew Barrymore

Jessica Biel

Elizabeth Taylor RIP

 Elizabeth Taylor will go down in history as a ‘classic beauty of the 20th century’ . Not only was Liz’s physical beauty undeniable with a milky white skin tone, deep dark hair, distinct eyebrows and eyelashes, and of course, her famous violet eyes. She converted to Judaism in 1959, and her Jewish name was Elisheba Rachel.

Although Liz was not nominated for her role in Cleopatra, its my favorite Taylor movie, with dramatic sets and outstanding costumes hair and makeup 

Despite her exquisitely beautiful looks Elizabeth was born covered in hair!  She was born suffering from the condition hypertrichosis, a rare disease that leaves the victim with a thick, dark coat of hair. Luckily for Elizabeth and the world, the hair fell off within a matter of days to reveal her unique beauty. Though her movie heyday was decades ago, she created the standard for what glam leading ladies are all about, from her silver screen roles to her many handsome men. RIP ..

Monday, 21 March 2011

Handy Tips

Everyone has those days when they cant be bothered to wash their hair, or simply just don't have the time. Dirt and oil in the hair tend to make it look dull and limp so the perfect solution is to use a dry shampoo. It absorbs the dirt and oil, and it is brushed away with no fuss. Below I have included a few recipes with ingredients everyone has at home.

Herbal Oatmeal Dry Shampoo

Crushed up oatmeal blended with an aromatic dry herb ( I like Rosemary) that you like make an easy combination for a dry shampoo. Sprinkle enough of the mixture to cover all hair, and massage for five minutes before you brush it out.

Cornstarch and Cornmeal

These two kitchen staples can stand alone in their ability to remove oil from hair. Rub either of the two into the hair at the scalp and brush out. Cornmeal seems to leave the hair shinier than cornstarch,but both leave the hair and scalp feeling cleaner.

Baby Powder
A readily available homemade dry shampoo for oily hair is baby powder.  It naturally absorbs oil on the scalp, and leaves a mild scent in the hair.

Personalize  the homemade dry shampoo experience by giving your preferred mixture a unique touch. Dried flower petals, herbs, grated lemon peel or a drop of your favorite essential oils will leave  hair smelling fresh and beautiful.