Saturday, 29 January 2011

Big Bangs Theory

While bangs have been popular over the past few years, 2011 has paved the way to be a BIG BANG year. The most fantastic thing about this trend is that it transforms an otherwise plain style into the look of the season without having to hack away your length:) There are a variety of different techniques and styles for this seasons bangs so there is definitely one that will suit you and your shaped face. To help you choose created a list of rules to follow to ensure you will not end up looking like Sandra Bullock( Shes gorgeous generally but i feel like her new bangs style makes her face look like a BOX!)


The only face shape that can wear any shaped bangs and look amazing! Wispy, blunt, side swept,choppy and asymmetrical bangs are all flattering.


This shape face can wear side swept bangs to help soften and feminize the harder features


Again side swept bangs are the best option for this shape face, it helps to soften the width of the face. Blunt full bangs generally enhance the pointy chin.


Round faces tend to be quite wide so with a rounded full heavy bangs it helps to soften the width of the cheeks. This can also be achieved with a long or short side swept bangs.

Bangs are also perfect to help shorten the length of your face if the proportion of your forehead is to large for the size of your face.

notice how the side swept bangs soften Sandra's face as apposed to her sharp features with the blunt bangs from the Golden Globes '11

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