Monday, 27 February 2012

Oscars 2012

Its been a busy year so far with red carpet events and award shows. Last night was the Oscars, and as usual we stayed up late to check out what the stars were wearing to the glitziest show of the year.
Bob's in all colors and styles seemed to dominate the hairstyles at this years Oscars,
Rose Byrne

Anna Faris
Cameron Dias
Milla Jovovich
 Jennifer Lopes and Tina Fey wore there hair in buns for the event. Jennifer's was more sleek and sat on her crown, while Tina's stylist chose a more unique style similar to the one Kate Bekinsdale wore to the SAG awards.
Jennifer Lopez
Tina Fey

Surprise guests at this years Oscars were Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco. They were attending the opening of exhibit of The 'Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco' in L.A, and were invited after to attend the Oscars. Charlene always looks so Chic, and I loved her modern take on a french twist.
Princess Charlene of Monaco
 Angelina looks stunning on the red carpet. Her hair was wavy, and a smile was nice for a change, as she always looks so robotic.
Angelina Jolie
 My highlight for the red carpet was the interview between Ryan Seacrest, and "The Dictator". Trust Sasha Baron Cohen to pull a crazy stunt at the Oscars! check it out.....

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Purim Costume & Hair Ideas

Purim is my favorite holiday period! For those of you who do not know what Purim is, its a fancy dress holiday similar to Halloween. What makes this holiday stand out most is its the only holiday where its written in the Talmud that a person must drink till they cant  recognize anybody! If you cannot decide what to wear this year I have thrown together a list of my favorite costume ideas, that wont cost you a fortune, and will get you noticed!

 Frida Kahlo

 For hair and make-up, start off with a long black wig (unless you have naturally long, dark hair!), part it down the middle. You can either do two braids, and pin them up like a milk maid, or you can pull the hair back into a bun. Add fake or fresh flowers into your updo. Using a black makeup pencil, create dark eyebrows that run together to create an almost uni-brow. Lastly, add red lipstick to finish off this look. For clothing and props, wear a simple white button-down or peasant blouse, and tuck it into a long, full, traditional floor-length brightly-colored skirt. Add a shawl draped around your shoulders, a belt around your waist, and big bright strands of wooden-bead or gold jewelry. Enhance your outfit by carrying around a stuffed monkey or over sized paintbrush.

Pin-Up Girls

 Pin Up Girls are sexy and sassy and ooze vintage glamor. Wear your hair curled. Pin curls, faux bangs and victory rolls were very popular styles - so were the blunt Betty Page bangs. A range of hair colors are suitable .For a little extra fun finish your style with a cute hair flower or pin!  Ideally I would say visit us at the salon to create your vintage hair look, but if you feel like taking it on alone, check out PinupDollAshleyMarie's Channel on Youtube.( I love her step-by-steps!)  Draw wardrobe inspiration from the 1940's & 1950's. Your aim is to create an alluring hourglass silhouette. Have a look in vintage stores & online for genuine vintage items from these eras or look for recreation. Key items include: wiggle dresses, pencil skirts, Cuban heeled stockings, round toed pumps, espadrilles, 3/4 sleeve cardigans, high waisted capri pants & high waisted shorts - to name a few. Try to create your own unique look.

 Audrey Hepburn

'Breakfast at Tiffanys' is you classic 1950 costume idea. It is  quite simple to create this look at home by yourself. For the costume you will need a  long black sleeveless dress, chunky pearl necklace, long black gloves and a cigarette in holder. Tease the hair into an elaborate up do, and finish it off with a glitzy hair accessory. To help you create the hairstyle check out Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's - Hair Tutorial


 Cleopatra, probably the most famous queen of Egypt, has been illustrated in artwork and movies in all sorts of eclectic ways. The most common version in modern times was made famous by the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. With a few odds and ends, you can make a stunning Cleopatra costume that is easy and comfortable to wear.  If you can find a black shoulder length wig with bangs it will make the costume look more authentic. If not, go down to your local bead store and get gold beads ( if they dont have such a thing, get plain beads and spray paint them gold.) Straighten your hair, and part in a center parting. Along the top section braid the hair, like in the picture above, and add beads. Put on your eye shadow and eyeliner. Make sure that you create a very dramatic Egyptian style cat eye with your eyeliner. Study the photograph for a perfect example and design of the makeup look that you are going for. Improvise on this step to what is most flattering for you.

 Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is still one of my favorite costume ideas of all time. The singers unique hairstyles, and thick black eyeliner was her trademark look. The picture above is from the recent JPG catwalk show when the designer paid tribute to the deceased musician. Amy Winehouse wore a large hive of hair on the top of her head while the rest hangs down. You can do this by taking the front half of your hair, tease the crap our of it and fold or roll it backward to make a large bun-like shape. Secure the hair by pinning it with dark colored hair clips or pins. There should be more hair left over in the back. Leave this as it is, and voila! you have started to create an Amy Winehouse look. Finish it off with a thick line of black liquid liner, and a fake mole.

Lady Gaga

 Last but not least......LADY GAGA! I could have written a post just on the kooky singers clothing choices. From her meat dress to cross dressing, she has given you hundreds of ideas to choose from. Which ever look you decide to go for there is one thing that you will need, and that's a long blond wig. After that the balls in your court, so let your creative juices flow and come up with something unique!

Hair Trends for Spring 2012

 Spring is the perfect time to shed those winter blues and unveil your new look for the summer . To help you get into the swing of thing we have two simple ways to give you maximum "WOW" factor, and put the bounce back in your step. Remember a change is as good as a holiday!

Just about everyone's hair could use some fringe benefits. Its the easiest way to make a bold statement, and update your look without changing your length and style. There is a huge variety of bangs, so book a consultation with your stylist to determine which one suite you the most. For the ultimate 'bangs-du-jour' try the new heart-shaped style, featured in the New L'Oreal Professional campaign. It's quirky and super stylish, but not for the faint hearted :)


What better way to make a statement this spring then a bold color change? Color chameleon Rihanna debut her bold color change at a Lakers game earlier this year and then at the Grammy Awards 2012.  We've seen her with curly, straight, short, long, bright red, brown, black and multi-coloured hair. This spring she opted for a blond shaggy style with bangs. the look was achieved with bleach and weaves, and is reminiscent of 80's shag. The blond waves, and sun kissed skin tone is the perfect look for spring and summer. While blond is not suitable for everyone we can still lighten your hair a few tones to give you that sun kissed look. Contact us for more details. 

Friday, 17 February 2012

Life before GHD

Life Before GHD Hair Straighteners, taken from the reel "Hairdressing" in the British Pathe Film Archive. 1940s hair tutorial for African women, in which various techniques are applied to straighten the lady's hair. Can you imagine having to go through that every time you wanted a change of style?!?!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hair Secrets from around the World - 11

 American Indians are noted for their silky thick hair, and the pioneers of a  hairstyle still popular to this day. The Mohawk Tribe lived on the East Coast of the US, and shaved their hair into this style to prepare for battle thousands of years ago. It is said that Animal fats, mud's and  plant extracts were used to shape the style popular amongst Punk rockers. The other style which is still in full swing today is the Braid.   Both men and women of various Native American tribes wore their hair in braids for centuries and many still do today. Hair equaled life, and they would only cut their hair when they were in mourning.

We all know that not cutting you hair frequently results in split ends. So how did the aboriginal Americans grow their hair and keep it healthy and luscious?

Jojoba oil is an extract of the Jojoba plant found in California, Arizona and parts of Mexico. For hundreds of years, American Indians used this oil extract to moisturize and grow hair. The makeup of jojoba has similar characteristics to the natural oil the glands of the scalp produce ( sebum ). Jojoba oil can be purchased at herb shops and can be applied directly to your hair. Another way you can enjoy the benefits of this oil is by adding it to your favorite deep conditioner or masque.  Jojoba is hypoallergenic and will not harm your hair or scalp.

Aloe vera is another product used by Native American Indians to promote hair growth and is also an excellent moisturizer for your hair. To use it as a hair growth product simply apply it directly to the scalp. It will open pores on the scalp that may have previously been blocked and will allow the hair follicles to grow.

LEVEL Naturals

We were lucky enough to meet Jonathan Dubuque through the Über  fabulous IPhone application Instagram. Jonathan is the President of LEVEL Naturals, a company that prides themselves on creating products that are made from the best quality, all natural ingredients. None of the products are tested on animals and all of the packaging in created from recycled paper. 

Last week we received a package from Jonathan with a selection of their most popular products from their catalog. As soon as we opened the FedEx package, we knew we were in for a treat and could not wait to strip down and give them a try.

Bar Soaps
The bars of soaps are made using a unique combination of nourishing oils, natural essential oils and extracts. They spent ages researching the perfect combination of natural products to benefit the skin. 'Skin is like a giant sponge, so anything that we put on it, goes into it.' The skin feels soft and nurtured after use, and there are 20 different variations to choose from!

The Shower Bomb
The Shower Bomb was the most unique and amazing product we have tried in a long time. All you have to do is drop the shower bomb near your feet, under running water. ( don't put it above the drain, as you don't want to waste it!) Once it has warmed up, the menthol and eucalyptus rise up in the steam, breath deep and relax. While you are inhaling all the goodness, tea tree oils are being released as the bomb dissolves, and softens your feet.  Its truly the closest you will get to a spa treatment at home!

Check out LEVEL Naturals website HERE, and make an order! You will not be sorry!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hair Secrets from around the World - 10

India is a hidden gem when it comes to beauty secrets, from women blending turmeric and honey to spread on their bodies to foods flavored with herbs and spices packed with anti-oxidants. I mentioned in a previous post how Indian women use coconut oil on their hair as a treatment to keep it healthy and soft. Many women from all over the world purchase real hair extensions, but aren't aware of where they come from. The most desirable hair for extensions comes from India; with 25% coming from a Hindu temple where women shave their heads in sacrifice for their religious beliefs. The temple makes 18 million dollars a year selling the hair, which then goes helps to pay for food supplied to the poor that visit the temple on a daily basis. No wonder they take such good care of their locks.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New from L'Oreal Professional

L'Oreal Professional is constantly developing new coloring  products that help keep the clients hair healthy and shiny. At the beginning of February L'Oreal Israel is launching a new semi-permanent color range that will improve the appearance of chemically treated hair better then any other brand on the market.

 DIALIGHT ( on the left)

Dialight is L'Oreals first acid tone-on-tone color with ultimate shine and conditioning. Its ideal for colored or sensitized hair from straighteners or other chemical treatments.

 DIARICHESSE ( on the right )

Diarechesse is  Ammonia-free color with white hair coverage of up to 70% on base shades. It leaves the hair looking rich, with deep shine and exceptional softness. It has  improved alkaline Tone on Tone technology which also manages to lighten one and a half tones. Its ideal for natural hair and covering the first white hair.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Katy Perry Does The Little Mermaid for GHD

WOW! WOW! WOW! GHD released their latest campaign featuring Katy Perry as Ariel, from Disney's The Little Mermaid. A little weird advertising a  hairdryer underwater but hey, whatever!  This gorgeous ad was shot by the highly talented photographer David LaChapelle. The singers favorite part of the look was wearing the lavender wig, which looks very similar to the shade she was rocking a few months ago.  “Ariel is such a big influence. It’s always fun to dress up once in your lifetime as a mermaid and have that fish fin tail,” Katy Perry said in an interview with Style watch. The mermaids tale was custom-made by a Dubai-based designer. GHD‘s first ever hairdryer offers a smart design suitable for both left and right-handed users and some advanced technology for professional use. Don't you just love lavender hair?
Courtesy of GHD

Monday, 6 February 2012

Book your Mythic Oil blow-out

Give yourself a new look this New Year with L’Oréal Professionnel’s star product, Mythic Oil.
Mythic Oil’s lightweight formula is enriched with a blend of avocado and grape seed oil and is suitable for all hair types as both a pre blow-dry treatment and as a finishing touch. The result: hair that feels beautifully soft with a luxurious looking shine.
In 2012 we invite you to discover the true versatility of the Mythic Oil blow-dry. Introducing three stunning new looks: The Luxe Groom, The Gloss Out and The Velvet Wave.
Visit us at Highlights Hair Salon and ask for a Mythic Oil blow-dry to help brighten up your winter with a touch of glamorous shine.

L.U.V Madonna!

Madonna is back! Bigger and better then ever. The Icon was listed by The Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful female recording artist of all time. Madonna is often referred to, by the media, as the 'Queen of pop', not surprising as she has sold over 232 million albums and 180 million singles worldwide.

She has been a fashion pioneer since the 80's and hasn't aged a day since the 90's. Her Latest single ' Give me all your lovin' was released 2 days before her live show at the Superbowl last night, where she wowed the crowd with a 13 minute star studded performance that only The ' Queen ' could have pulled off. Her hair, even though hard to see in the clip was absolutely flawless. To achieve this look you need a large curling iron and tonnes of hairspray.   

Madonna will push Lady Gaga to the back burner this year, with a new album called M.D.N.A., a Golden Globe Award  and her World tour which is rumored to kick off this summer in Israel!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hair Secrets from around the World - 9

photo courtesy of
Safflower is a beautiful plant with either yellow, orange or red flowers. Its native to arid environment and grows a deep taproot which enables it to thrive in environments with low water supplies. Today's top exporters of this plant are North America and Mexico, however it is one of  the oldest crops recorded in history. Chemical analysis of ancient Egyptian textiles dated to the Twelfth dynasty identified that yellow and red dyes were made from the flowers themselves. Deep inside The Tomb of the Tutankhamen, archeologists also found garlands made from this beautiful flower.

The Ancient Egyptians loved to indulge in beauty treatments, and Cleopatra herself was credited with writing a book of  beauty secrets including mud baths from the Dead Sea and cosmetic oils made from safflower seeds. What's interesting  in Ancient Egypt is that men also used cosmetics and essential oils  much like today's metrosexuals . I would imagine this was necessary for both genders in such an arid climate. There is evidence that  suggests Safflower oil  was used to stimulate hair-growth and eliminate bald-spots.The oil dilates blood vessels in the scalp, which stimulates circulation of nutrients to the roots. The oil is packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acid's similar to sebum which we produce naturally. Safflower oil was not only used by men of that time, the women also benefited from the nourishing oil, which protected and moisturized their hair.

It is extremely beneficial for natural as well as dry chemically treated hair. If you want to use it as a treatment for the hair apply a generous amount to dry hair and cover in a hot wet towel, for 5-10 minutes. After this shampoo and condition as normal. You can also use a few drops to help smooth out frizzy hair.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Loving Kim Kardashian's New Hair

Photo courtesy of Twitter
Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Twitter yesterday after spending 3 hours with her colorist transforming her dark locks to chocolate brown with sun-kissed streaks. The look is soft and beautiful. What do you think of Kim's new look??