Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Man Quiff

I have been following Jedwards man quiffs around since they appeared on x-factor back in 2009. While the look is not conventional, it definitely will get you noticed. The look has really caught on now in 2011 as seen in the semi finals to the Eurovision song contest sponsored by Schwarzkopf. I love this look and am tempted to grown a mini version........What do you think? Yay or nay for Tristan??

Boardwalk Empires 'Jimmy' hairstyle helped the Jedward trend really take off this year, with the clean cut shaved sides and pompadour style. With a bit of gel, mousse, voluminous lotions and a tonne of hair spray Jimmy's hair would probably stand as tall as James and Edwards quiff.
Tim Schou, the lead vocalist from the band representing Denmark also wore his hair high in a mini version of the Jed-quiff.
The Russian Participant Alexej Vorobjov quiff was more reminiscent of Elvis.

 Ok, now before you think that only eurovision boys are wearing their hair big, I have noticed the look on the catwalks summer shows, and in catalogs for overseas hairstylists. According to the study, which polled more than 4,000 Brits on their favorite men's hairstyle 50% of men voted for the King’s trademark quiff,  However, 66% of women found men with crew cuts, sported by style icons such as movie star Brad Pitt, had more sex appeal than men with quiffs ( I suppose I am not really after the ladies vote on this style :)

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