Thursday, 28 July 2011

Loreal Mythic Oil

Keeping up with the times, Loreal Professional gave us a sample or their latest blowdrying serum, and we absolutely love it! Its enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil, this lightweight oil cares and pampers all hair types. Nourishing even the finest hair, the formula leaves hair looking shiny, feeling nourished and supple. We cant wait for its launch in Israel later this month!
Before blow-drying, your hairdresser will diligently apply Mythic Oil to various sections of the hair, allowing the formula to pamper your tired locks. Followed by a look transforming blow-dry, hair is left looking shiny and feeling supple.
Finish your look with a touch of sparkle using L'Oréal Professionnel's Mythic Oil. Apply to dry hair as a finishing touch, this lightweight oil leaves hair feeling nourished and supple with added looking shine.

Monday, 25 July 2011



Today is the launch of INOA Suprême in Israel. It is the  first anti-aging permanent hair color without the need for ammonia for 50% - 100% white hair. INOA Suprême is enriched with oil delivery system technology, which means optimised scalp comfort, ammonia-free, and odourless and therefore transforms the colouring experience. INOA Suprême is enriched with Densilum, for a thickening effect and a fuller look.

Four Top Bridal Styles from BRIDES.COM

If you are planning more of a casual wedding and want to wear your hair down but feel that it might get ruined from the humidity, a side braid is a definitely an option you should consider. The classic Grecian look can be transformed into a beautiful wedding style by adding so extensions to help give the braid more body. There are also a variety of different plaits to choose from to make your style more unique.

For a more unique twist on a classic bun, suggest playing around with hair accessories like the picture on the right. The stylist used gold ribbon in a twisted effect to create a beautiful hair band, finished off with a vintage broach in gold and pearls. There are a number of stores in Tel Aviv that specialize in hand made hair accessories. Ask the stylist their professional opinion before you rush out and purchase something, as it might not fit into the theme of the up style that you have chosen.

 For a more modern take on the classic chingnon, suggests a reverse twist, into a side bun finished with crystal hair pins. They add just the right amount of giltz without turning you into a ' Frecha'.

Last but not least, the natural look. If your hair is not thick or long enough to wear your hair down in beautiful waves then just add some permanent or semi permanent extensions. Flowers give the tropical beach side wedding feel, and never go out of fashion. You can either opt for real flowers such as orchids, or flowers made from fabrics, both are equally as beautiful.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Brigitte Bardot

Most hairstyles seem to have phases when they come in and out of fashion, and others are timeless classics. A perfect example of the timeless look is Brigitte Bardot. The 1960's actress was famous for her beautiful looks, her amazing thick blond hair and her bouffant. For the last decade we have seen variations of her bouffant on Hollywood celebrities from  Jennifer Love Hewitt to Pamela Anderson, who is possibly her biggest fan. Since fashion remains pretty much the same from year to year we predict that the bouffant will feature in the 2012 runway shows with the popularity of  the 60's still holding on strong. So girls its time to to tease up your crown for that stunning classic look.

Instructions - Backcombing/Teasing Steps

1.   Begin by making sure that super curly or wavy tresses are flat ironed or blow dried straight.

Although curls and waves will create major height and volume, they will also have a tendency to be more easily damaged.  Avoid backcombing hair that has any natural texture without first straightening to prevent excessive tangling.

2.   If hair is flat ironed before it is backcombed, be sure that the strands are 100% cool before teasing.  Strands that are still warm or hot will break or rip easier.

3.   Begin by using a soft boar’s head brush or similar natural bristle brush to make sure that all knots and tangles are completely removed from all strands before backcombing.

Never backcomb strands that are not first detangled completely.

4.   Using a rattail or metal comb or teasing brush, part off a section of hair from the rest of the strands. Clip the remaining hair out of the way.

5.   Using your hands in conjunction with a comb or brush, gather a small section of hair approximately 1-2 inches in thickness.

Note: Use smaller strands for tighter results or larger strands for looser results.

6.   Hold the ends of the new section straight up and out from the scalp with one hand.  In essence you will be backcombing your strands in the opposite direction from its natural growth pattern.

7.  With the other hand, run the comb down the length of the hair from the end towards the base of the scalp in short, sharp and uniform strokes.

8.  If you don't achieve enough teased hair or height in the first pass, repeat the process until the hair has the right fullness, height and texture.

9.  Spray newly teased sections with a firm hold hairspray. Repeat after each new section is created.

10. Once the first section is completely teased, pick up the next section of hair and repeat the process until all of the desired sections of hair have been completely backcombed.

11. Select a firm hairspray to completely spray all of the teased hair when the backcombing is complete.

12. Using both hands carefully smooth the teased hair back in the opposite direction making sure there is a lot of height in the desired area of the hair.  Once you get the hang of teasing your strands, you will be able to do it quickly and efficiently.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Blake Lively's beautiful up do!

Blake's back! The actress who got the ball rolling for the redhead trend at the beginning of the summer has lightened her tresses back to her trademark blond hair before the shooting begins for the new season of gossip girls. Her up styles are always effortless and beautiful, and this is defiantly one of my favorites. I think this look will be popular for brides this summer as the look is really elegant, yet not to fussy!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

CHI Silk Infusion

Generally we are huge fans of Biosilk's Silk therapy. The smell is amazing, and the product really helps to reduce volume and make the hair soft and silky. With our latest order of biosilk the company that imports the product to Israel sent us samples of Chi's version called Silk Infusion The serum is AMAZING!!!!!! Today we had a number of clients with dry, rebellious, frizzy hair and the silk infusion helped to tame the hair and add amazing shine and bounce, as well as cutting the blow dry time in half. In the past 6 years since the salon has been open we have not raved about a product as much as we did today!! Well done Farouk!!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pastel Highlights

Crazy-bright hair color like Rihanna's fire engine red is a thing of the past. The new thing? Pastel streaks, which we've been spotting in models' hair at the fall and winter runway shows such as Fendi, and amongst celebrities from Lady Gaga to The Olsen Twins. With the huge array of soft pastel tones there is defiantly something that will suit you. The muted streaks are the perfect way to update you hair color without having to do any damage to it, as this look is created with either permanent or clip in hair extensions.

This trend takes me back a good 20 years to the days of My little Pony. With their beautiful synthetic crazy hair:) Lets see how this trend catches on in Tel Aviv.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Celebrity Weddings

Its been a busy weekend for glitzy star studded celebrity weddings. Kate Moss went for a romantic beauty look for her wedding to Jamie Hince. Sam McKnight styled Kate's hair into loosely side parted half up-do and flowing waves topped off with a vintage styled veil. Off-white floral accents gave feminine detailing to the lacy headpiece, perfectly complementing her rhinestone-accented Galliano gown. The overall look was very casual and carefree, and her make up was very subtle.
 Charlene looked radiant, elegant and like she was born to be a Princess. Her wedding to Prince Albert of Monaco was a lavish 3 day event with a huge concert for the citizens of Monaco, and a light and sound show thrown in as well.  Her styling was perfect, with a beautiful floor length Armani gown with a train, and side parted hair into a bun with a beautiful hair accessory for the perfect sparkle under her simple veil.

Katy Perry's rocking red hair!

Katy's GHD ad campaign spring/summer 2011

Katy is well known for her crazy candy bra's, vibrant wigs, rocking songs and her signature raven black hair. She was recently spotted in Miami relaxing by the pool with red hair. Apparently this is just an in-between look for Katy so don't get used to it. The singer is trying to go back to her roots....which funny enough are blond!
From years of dyeing her hair dark, she has to go through a slow lightening process not to damage her hair.

Mizz Perry tweeted that in another 6-8 weeks she will undergo a further lightening process. What do you think of her transformation??

Summer is the best time to try and lighten your hair, but if your hair is black or dark brown it will take a couple of months to get to your desired color without damaging your hair. Discuss with your stylist whether the color you have in mind will suit you before doing anything drastic.