Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mark4Wedding : Family & Wedding photography

So your ' Big Day' is coming up and you have been paging through bridal directories to find a photographer. Let me save you the time and energy and introduce you to the most talented and professional crew that we have had the recent pleasure of working with:- Mark4Wedding.

The company was established in 2008 by Israeli Photographer Mark Tso, and has been dazzling brides and grooms ever since. What sets them apart from other people in the business is that they have a unique perspective on photography, and they apply it to each of their clients to preserve every detail on there wedding day.

 " Our entire life consists of small parts - moments, sometimes memorable, but usually quickly forgotten. In the world of photography, it is important to freeze the special moments, which then over time, you look at, and remember by our work."  Mark4Wedding

Mark Tso and Elina Lesina were the photographers for our latest bride Olga Mets. Unlike any photographers that we have worked with in the past  Elina arrived in advance to set up their equipment, and make sure the lighting was sufficient. As soon as the bride walked through the door they jumped straight into work, snapping shots as we prepared the hair. The advantage of having more then one photographer is that no moment is missed, and every detail is documented. They were polite, professional and definitely get our stamp of approval!

After the bride was dressed and finishing touches were applied to her hair ( Jonathan Jarzin) and makeup ( Revital Darom ) the crew went with the bride and groom for a more in depth photo shoot at the Tel Aviv Port. After the wedding, we spoke to Olga to find out about her experience with Mark4wedding, and this was her response " They are wonderful people and professionals: they don't just do their job - they  do it great! And along the way they would help you by simply being friendly, giving small advice and tips. We chose to work with Mark4Wedding, because they care: for small details, for quality, for being considerate and making it a pleasant experience!" Thanks Olga for those kind words!  For More details on Mark4Wedding, follow them on Facebook or visit their website at 


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