Friday, 25 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor RIP

 Elizabeth Taylor will go down in history as a ‘classic beauty of the 20th century’ . Not only was Liz’s physical beauty undeniable with a milky white skin tone, deep dark hair, distinct eyebrows and eyelashes, and of course, her famous violet eyes. She converted to Judaism in 1959, and her Jewish name was Elisheba Rachel.

Although Liz was not nominated for her role in Cleopatra, its my favorite Taylor movie, with dramatic sets and outstanding costumes hair and makeup 

Despite her exquisitely beautiful looks Elizabeth was born covered in hair!  She was born suffering from the condition hypertrichosis, a rare disease that leaves the victim with a thick, dark coat of hair. Luckily for Elizabeth and the world, the hair fell off within a matter of days to reveal her unique beauty. Though her movie heyday was decades ago, she created the standard for what glam leading ladies are all about, from her silver screen roles to her many handsome men. RIP ..

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