Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ultimate Summer Accessories

Summer is in full swing, with the sun shining and temperatures soaring. This is generally the time of year women choose to chop off their beautiful long hair to try to deal with the intense heat. However, if you are one of those girls who can't bear the though of parting with your locks then I have a few ideas to make sure your as stylish as ever, and to keep your mane under control.

Louis Vuitton launched an amazing line of silk scarves this summer, with campaigns reminiscent of the 1950. The look is extremely glamorous, as well as being convenient for keeping your hair in place. The scarves are so versatile they can be worn as a bandanna, a hair band or to tie around your pony tail for the ultra chic. If Vuitton is not in your budget raid your grannies wardrobe for the ultimate vintage goddess of summer look.

2011 seems to be the year or over sized beach hats, in all shapes and colors, flipping through the fashion magazines, the 'St Tropez look' really seems to have caught on world wide. The
hat is essential as not to burn under the sun, and to protect the hair and the face of you from the rays. It is understood that a hat can be worn in many different ways and not necessarily just a beach accessories. So glam it up girls!!! I would recommend wearing a  straw or cotton hat to the beach in order not to get to hot headed! 

To jazz up a plain hat, take your scarf or a ribbon and tie it around your hat for added OOMPH.

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